Aves Nobles y Derivados are specialists in precooked poultry products. Our passion, the quality of our products is reflected in everything we do and in our brand: Casa Matachín.

Casa Matachín, our brand

Casa Matachín takes its name from the word matachín, former name of the butcher in the villages of the region of the Pyrenees. The matachín was the person who was responsible for home slaughter, butchering and salting pigs, and subsequent preparation of sausages, pates and canned food. Therefore, in each village, the matachín was the most knowledgeable person on the subject; he had a lot of information about meat and its preparation, mastering the use of spices, playing with textures and flavours, just to get the best flavours and the most perfect preservation. This profession and knowledge often passed from father to son as a real treasure, which increased in every generation.

We are who we are, thanks to the great team working with us


Our history

Aves Nobles y Derivados, S.L., was born in 1990, to produce precooked products, following the family tradition of production and marketing of poultry.

In Casa Matachín, we have inherited the built up knowledge over several generations and the original recipes, which have allowed us to develop our products so that they are healthy, natural and have the traditional homemade taste. In Casa Matachín, we believe that our reason for being is to produce healthy, nutritious and homemade taste products. For this purpose, we strive everyday.

True to our values: tradition, quality and innovation


Our facilities

In Casa Matachín, we have the most modern and recently equipped production facilities. We have more than 4,500 m2 production areas and we have different high capacity manufacturing areas, which copy the artisan’s movements at work, in order to take care of our customers needs.
Quality control at all stages of the processing of our products

We produce our own goods

We control the whole production process and we can guarantee the quality of all our products.

More on our production process

Quality de seals

Thanks to the effort of our crew and the quality of our products, we have several seals giving credit to the quality and safety of our products in the various production processes.