Quality control

We control the entire process along the entire food chain passing strict sanitary controls.


Egg Laying

From the egg laid by the reproductive grandmother, to the eggs laid by the incubators.

Contrôle qualité

Validation Phases

At each phase, some requirements must be met in order to validate aging processes and ensure the health of the birds.

Agile and fast methods

Production methods are agile and very direct going in just a few hours from the farm to your table. In order to obtain such a rapid rate, we must have a large logistics system to get flexibility and service.

Qualified staff

Quality control is always carried out by qualified staff, specialized in each of the stages of the production process. They validate manufacturing and processing operations,…

Quality and food safety

We are all committed to quality, monitoring the food safety of our products.

Product packaging and distribution

In Casa Matachín, we believe that our reason for being is to produce healthy, nutritious and homemade taste products with the best natural ingredients. For this purpose, we strive everyday.

Own farms

This way we can control the whole production process and guarantee the quality of all our products.

Quality control of all our products

Quality de seals

Thanks to the effort of our crew and the quality of our products, we have several seals giving credit to the quality and safety of our products in the various production processes.