Our own Farms

nos fermes

We control everything our animals eat or drink, so that we can guarantee the quality of our products

Why it is important

Having our own farms let us raise the degree of control of products, since we know the exact origin of each animal and we have full details of what it has eaten or drunk, so we have many other quality guarantees. It also allows us to have final product stability and we always know the type of meat we need.

Our facilities

In Casa Matachín, we have the most modern and recently equipped production facilities. We have more than 4,500 m2 production areas and we have different high capacity manufacturing areas, which copy the artisan’s movements at work, in order to take care of our customers’ needs.

We work to preserve the natural essence of all our products

We produce our own goods

We control the whole production process and we can guarantee the quality of all our products.

More on our production process

Quality de seals

Thanks to the effort of our crew and the quality of our products, we have several seals giving credit to the quality and safety of our products in the various production processes.