Garantía de calidad

Garantie de qualité

For our company, the creative process of products is the key. For this reason we are constantly developing products, methods and new production lines with the purpose of constantly offering our costumers new products, in which we can introduce constant improvements and innovation.

Our Processes

All the production processes are designed with the risk valuation on each operation, and documentary evidence is given in order to be part of the APPCC system or the plan of control of critical points. This control of operations is supervised by technical stuff qualified to carry out these tasks.

The importance of suppliers

The quality of all products starts with a good selection of raw materials. For this reason, all our suppliers are carefully selected and authorized for intra-community trade by health authorities.


All our products are checked several times during the production process and tested in laboratory to guarantee they all meet the international food safety standards.

Quality and Food Security Policy

Aves Nobles y Derivados, S.L. Management, with the active participation of all the members, states that it is our own will to pay utmost attention to each of our activities in the interest of making our costumers enjoy the best taste and quality of our products with confidence. Therefore, when we produce them, we are committed to:

• Safe and environmentally friendly products.

• Safe facilities for our products and employees.

Legal production processes, which ensure pollution prevention and contribute to sustainable development.

• A positive work environment, which contributes to a responsible ethical and social behaviour and fosters the personal and professional development with a social perspective towards honesty and integrity.

From the Aves Nobles y Derivados, S.L. management we offer customers and employees our commitment to continue improving and we set as a goal to innovate our products every day.

The management is responsible of an annual assessment and revision of this Policy in order to ensure that the points are still in force and that the content is consistent with the objectives of the company as well as the expectations and needs of our customers.

The management is committed to disclose our policy to all levels of organization, suppliers, and third parties related to Aves Nobles y Derivados, S.L.

The Aves Nobles y Derivados, S.L. Management Team

April 2014 Rev 0314

Own farms

This way we can control the whole production process and guarantee the quality of all our products.

Quality control of all our products

Quality de seals

Thanks to the effort of our crew and the quality of our products, we have several seals giving credit to the quality and safety of our products in the various production processes.